Garden Shredders

Stihl's new powerful garden shredders can process all the natural raw materials found in a classic Kiwi garden, such as tree, hedge and plant clippings. The cutting systems perceptibly reduce the waste volume: Stihl garden shredders tidy up everything from hard wood to soft organic material like cut flowers or leaves.

Make room in your garden

Clearing out your garden can create large piles of plant debris. Save yourself the cost of driving and paying to dump this greenwaste at the local dump, and use one of Stihl's garden shredders to create usable green matter that is a great mulch or fertiliser for your garden. Branches and twigs are quickly chopped up into easy-to-handle residue which is ideal for compost, mulch or soil conditioning. Plants and vegetables will thrive on this and mulch is great for keeping soil warm in winter and moist in summer.