Steiner 80" Flex Deck

The 80" flex deck gives a cut quality and width the equivalent of four 21" walk behind mowers.

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Model # 75-71305

The Steiner flex deck lawn mower delivers productivity and a professional cut on flat, uneven, and sloped terrain up to 30 degrees when mounted on the Steiner 450 tractor with dual wheels.

This powerful front deck mower provides stronger torque and effective blade speeds to power through turf with a quality cut and clean directional side discharge, leaving a beautiful cut quality.

Five large front casters and two rear suspension rollers guide four independent 21″ decks to follow the contour of undulating turf with reduced potential for scalping.

Whether mowing around bunkers, tee boxes, banks, hazards or fences, the Steiner flex deck powers through to get the job done and done right!

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Steiner Flex Deck - Full Specs

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