Steiner 450 Turf Tractor/Slope Mower

The Steiner 450 is the perfect machine for safely mowing and landscaping on sloping, undulating areas and rough terrain.

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Discover the Steiner 450's powerful engine and hydraulics, wide stance, articulating + oscillating chassis and new hydraulic weight transfer system - and you'll be hooked!

The Steiner 450 is the perfect workhorse for New Zealand orchards, mowing contractors, lifestyle blocks and areas where normal mowers just won't go.

The Ultimate in Slope Safety


With a slope rating of up to 58% or 30° (depending on configuration), you will always be comfortable and secure mowing or landscaping in areas previously inaccessible or unsafe. The Steiner has a range of tyre configurations available to maximise traction and stability, with the dual tyres popular for increasing up to the 30 degree slope limit.

Oscillating + Articulating (Pivot Steer)

An oscillating chassis makes this machine safer when driving over undulating terrain and obstacles such as rocks, by acting to keep the centre of gravity lower and therefore the mower more stable.

Without Oscillation Without oscillation  Without Oscillation 1 
Oscillating Steiner Oscillation   Oscillation 1


The Steiner is the ONLY tractor with infinitely variable hydraulic down pressure adjustment

With machines of this type, it is important that ground pressure can be adjusted depending on terrain and conditions. With the Steiner, you get a very unique, custom designed hydraulic weight transfer system that enables you to change the ground pressure while on the go with a simple dial and gauge. This means that you can adjust the way the mower reacts in soft, muddy and undulating ground or hard, flat areas - giving you a neat mowing finish and optimum stability. No tools required (unlike other brands).

Multiple uses on multiple parts of the property

The quick hitch attachment system enables you to turn the Steiner into an indispensable workhorse for your rural property or business - an all-seasons machine that takes over 25 attachments like mowers, buckets, scrapers, sweepers, trenchers and more. Go from digging fence posts to laying irrigation channels to mowing overgrown weeds in minutes.

Comfortable, dependable and easy to use

In 2017 The Steiner 450 tractor was completely re-engineered to provide even more power, versatility and dependability to users in residential, farm, golf, city council, landscape and sports turf industries. The tractor boasts an articulating frame, giving it a tight turning radius of only 43.5 inches/1105mm. The frame also oscillates, keeping the operator upright and in control even on the most uneven terrain. With plenty of power, excellent traction, a low centre of gravity and wide stance, it’s built for maintaining hill terrain and operating where other tractors typically can’t.

Plenty of power

To power this machine’s top-level performance, customers can choose from three reliable engines: a Kubota® 25- horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel; a Kubota® 32-horsepower, liquid-cooled gasoline; or a 37-horsepower Vanguard EFI™ air-cooled gasoline engine. A new, stacked gear pump design dramatically increases durability, hydraulic performance and efficiency. It also offers increased oil cooler capacity and reduced drive system pressure. Providing 1,750 PSI of steering and lift pressure for more hydraulic power, it can handle the toughest chores.

Other key benefits include:

  • Integrated, fully-adjustable hydraulic weight transfer system
  • Durable Peerless® 2600 dual range transaxles
  • Ground speeds up to 6 mph in low gear and 9.5 mph in high gear
  • Large operator platform and conveniently located controls
  • Bright, efficient LED headlights and taillights
  • More standard features including rollover protection and rear skid plates


  • Overall width 44.5", 50.5" with 3" wheel extensions, 66.5" with dual wheels
  • Overall length 80.5" with ROPS up
  • Overall height 73.5" with ROPS up; 55" with ROPS folded
  • Wheelbase 43.5" front to rear axle
  • Manufacturers Slope Ratings Continuous - 20 Degrees - Intermittent 30 Degrees Max (58% Gradient!!)
  • Minimum ground clearance 4.75"
  • Frame articulation 36 degrees
  • Drivetrain Eaton® Model 70160, Variable Displacement Piston Pump
  • Speeds High range: 9.5 MPH forward; 7 MPH reverse - Low range: 6 MPH forward, 4.5 MPH reverse
  • Steering Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Brakes Hand lever engaged parking disc brake
  • Lighting Dual LED Headlights and Taillights
  • 12 Volt Outlet Standard - 15 amp
  • Fuel System 7 US Gallon Tank Capacity

Talk to us today about an onsite demonstration anywhere in New Zealand - Auckland, Northland, Wellington, Christchurch and further!

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Paul Skipper - 2020-03-17


My Steiner is really really going well. It has my lawns looking so good it is by far the best machine I have ever brought from OMC!

Thanks Paul. Great to hear.

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