Ryan Mataway Dethatcher

The most productive, easy-to-use, walk behind dethatcher in New Zealand for heavy-duty turf renovation.

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Product details

The Mataway® Dethatcher is built for heavy-duty turf renovation and dethatching. This self-propelled money maker offers user-friendly features like cutting depth control right from the operator’s station. Its five different reel types are easily interchangeable. For optimal efficiency, a 19-inch working width allows you to cover up to 18,700 square feet per hour!

Key Benefits
  • Excellent quality made in the USA
  • Quality Honda engine
  • Durable cutting blades can be adjusted down to a depth of 1 ½”
  • Adjust the engine throttle and set the cutting depth right from the operator's station.
Key Specifications - Ryan Mataway Dethatcher
Why Dethatch?

Thatch is extremely common throughout New Zealand, and can keep water and air from reaching the soil and, if left untreated, can create an environment that harbors pests and diseases. Dethatching removes those layers of dead grass, roots and debris matted between the soil and the growing grass, keeping the grass greener and healthier while minimizing the chance of disease. Find out more about dethatching by 


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