Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter

The Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter has been the gold standard in the golf, rental and commercial industries for more than 60 years! A long proven performer in New Zealand.

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The improved Jr. Sod Cutter sports a host of new features, including reduced hand/arm vibration, cut by a remarkable 75 percent for more comfortable operation. A new pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows for cutting around curved landscape features or straight strips with unmatched precision. A true workhorse ideal for New Zealand's challenging conditions, the Jr. Sod Cutter packs the speed, convenience and reliability you’ve come to expect from Ryan.

We offer convenient accessories and a trailer to compliment our sod cutters.

Key Benefits
  • Made in the USA
  • Quality Honda Engines
  • Pneumatic swiveling rear wheel makes it easy to maneuver tightly around turns and cut closely along contoured landscape edges.
  • Rubber isolation mount absorbs much of the machine's vibration before it ever reaches your hands.
  • Easy depth and blade angle adjustment allow precise cutting in a wide variety of landscape contours and soil conditions.
Specifications - Jr. Sod Cutter
  • Tote Trailer - It takes just one person to load, unload and haul the Lawnaire® IV Plus, Lawnaire V Plus, or the Jr. Sod Cutter.
  • Wire/Tube Puller - great for irrigation! Easily bury wire or tubing up to 5” deep with minimal turf disturbance. The wire/tube puller is ideal for landscape lighting, irrigation systems and many other applications
  • V-Trencher Kit - Install cable and perform other trenching tasks easily and inexpensively. Ideal for small to medium-sized trenching jobs.

Ryan commercial sod cutters are designed to make your turf tasks as effortless as possible. Your choice of cutting blades and blade angles allows you to quickly adapt to varying soil conditions depending on where you are in New Zealand. Easy depth adjustment helps efficiently select a cutting depth. Responsive handling gives a true cut with unmatched stability and maneuverability. Learn more about Sod Cutting.

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