Little Wonder Debris Handling 19/06/2020
Cheviot Area School - Little Wonder ProVac SI 19/06/2020

Why Little Wonder for Leaf & Debris Cleanup?

Collect all types of debris

Little Wonder debris and leaf vacuums can collect all types of debris, large and small; bottles, cans, leaves, mulch, pine needles, straw, gravel, bark and other debris that would normally have to be swept up by hand. These vacuums have superior suction and airflow, thanks to an industry-leading impeller housing design.

Professional Vacuums

The top-loading bag on the Little Wonder ProVac and ProVac SP boasts a hefty 282 litre capacity – TWICE that of competitive leaf vacuums. Not only are these commercial leaf vacuums powerful enough for efficient all-day use, you’ll collect more debris per bag and spend less time emptying it.

Commercial and Residential Vacuums

Tackle autumn leaf cleanup efficiently. Instead of blowing leaves into piles or raking them up, use a walk-behind leaf vacuum to quickly cleanup any size section or commercial space. The Little Wonder ProVac SI boasts impressive power and capacity, and with the hose kit you can easily collect leaves in hard to reach locations around your property.

Little Wonder Leaf & Litter Vacuums