Green Climber LV800 Remote Controlled Mower

Intended for Forestry and heavy vegetation applications including 3-6 year overgrowth and trees up to 8 inches, the LV800 will mulch and shred everything in its path. The flail head is equipped with carbide teeth in two varieties - fixed and 360° rotation.

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Product details

The LV800 is Green Climber’s most powerful remote controlled mower, designed for the toughest New Zealand environments tackling gorse, broom, saplings and small trees, and much more. Perfect for section clearing on the most inaccessible locations where any other machine would be unsafe or not up to the job.

This slope mower is enclosed in a forestry cage protecting its hydraulics and components from falling branches and debris.  The 500' radius of remote operation protects the operator from the same environmental dangers.

The 75 hp diesel engine on this machine is the largest in its class without requiring regen or DEF treatment for exhaust regulations. The LV800 offers a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm. Its superior engineering is illustrated in the patented system that guarantees the lubrication of the motor on extreme slopes.

Why Choose Green Climber?
  • Just one operator required – with the machine doing the work of many workers
  • Work in very sloping environments – up to 60° in any direction! A continuous lubrication system keeps the engine properly lubricated even in the steepest terrain.
  • Over 10x faster than manual labour with brushcutters
  • Superior safety in dangerous areas with difficult access
  • Extremely agile in avoiding obstacles e.g. trees, posts or signs
  • Ability to work a long distance from the operator, especially beneficial compared to a swing-trim type tractor mounted mower. Operating distance with remote control up to 1000ft!
  • Hyraulic expanding tracks enable adjustments to suit the terrain and minimise land damage – increase stability with the push of a button
  • Substantially lower operating costs compared to a team of labourers or even a tractor with an operator and brush cutter attachment.
  • Flexibility – use the one machine for a variety of tasks – all at a manageable distance with one operator – perfect for small businesses or owner-operators. 
Technical Specs


Kohler 3 Cylinder , liquid cooled Turbo Diesel 75hp / 55kW, 300Nm torque

Dry weight without Flail


Max working gradient




Fuel Capacity


Hydraulic Oil Capacity



Hydraulic Closed Loop Proportional 12v

Reversible Radiator Fan


Expandable Undercarriage

1510mm (Closed) to 1910mm (Open)

Cutting Width


Standard Flail Weight


Force Rotor Speed

3300 rpm

Main Attachment Pump

70L at 320 bar

Service Pump

20L at 180 bar

Hydraulic Aux Lines

3 Proportional

Remote Controlled Winch (optional)

12V, Integrated with the machine

Multicouple Hydraulic Quick Connection





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