Why Buy an Australian Made Dunlite Generator?

Assured Reliability

Dunlite generators are fitted with Honda Australia Engines - not cheap copies or parallel imports. Coupled with an Italian or Australian made alternator, you can be sure that your Dunlite Generator will go when you need it most.

Recogised Brand

Don't risk buying an unknown Chinese brand. With Dunlite, you're buying a brand that has been around for decades, with a known source and reliable parts and service backup. If something goes wrong? You'll talk to a Kiwi who can help you get your generator back up and running.

NZ Service & Support

Buy direct off the New Zealand distributor - you get the best prices, and dependable parts/service backup when you may need it.

Dunlite Generators

With a range of Dunlite generators available for use on the farm, at home or the building site, there's a huge variety to choose from. Download our guide to choosing the right generator to help determine what type of generator you need based on when you need it, what you need it for and what your budget is.