DR Stump Grinder

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Tackle Any Stump - And watch it Disappear!

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With a DR® STUMP GRINDER you don’t have to put up with any stump, no matter where it is on your property. And never again will you struggle with backbreaking and time consuming methods of stump removal (digging by hand, ripping out with a tractor and chains, burning, or chemicals).

Quickly and easily, the DR® STUMP GRINDER removes ANY size stump and reduces it to woodchips. TAKE BACK YOUR LAWN: Stop mowing and trimming around ugly lawn stumps. Plus, avoid the risk of causing expensive damage to your mower’s deck and blade.

  • Clean up the woodland - Eliminate the stumps that catch on trailers or prevent you from skidding out logs.  Now every time you cut down a tree you can take the stump with it. Open up fields and paddocks - clear fields of hidden stumps that can trip up farm animals and damage brush mowers and farm equipment. 
  • Blaze new trails - Don’t let any stump stand in the way of where you want to go. Cut your path, grind the stumps and spread the leftover woodchips as you go - ideal for walking, mountain biking and 4WD tracks.
  • Get to the root problem - even a tangle of above ground roots can be shaved away in minutes, removing ALL evidence of the tree that once stood.

Don’t let tree stumps prevent you from enjoying your property. Take control of your land with a DR® STUMP GRINDER!


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