Billy Goat

Benefits of Using a Lawn Vacuum or Blower
  • Time Saving - Goodbye Rake! Cut your gardening time by using a fast and efficient way of removing leaves. No need for sweeping, piling or removing.

  • Treat your grass to Air and Sunlight - Leaves not only decompose slowly but they can prevent your lawn from getting enough air and sunlight which leads to a bleached look - especially when light levels are low due to short daylight hours.

  • Simple and Easy to Use - These lawn vacuums simply suck up the leaves, break them down, then deposit them into a sack which can then be emptied anywhere - compost heap, garden etc.

  •  Prevent your Lawn from becoming the Compost Heap - With the winter rain, leaves slowly decompose and end up making your lawn look messy. They're better off being on the compost heap where they can decompose faster and be more useful for other applications around the garden.


Why Billy Goat?
  • Made in the USA - Excellent Quality

  • Range of sizes and options available

  • Long service history in New Zealand

  • Quality Honda Engines

  • Good Parts and service around the country

  • Heavy duty steel impellor, serrated to help break up material

  • Not just for leaves - great for all sorts of debris!