Atom 756 Tiller (4 & 6 Tine)

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Size: 4 Tine - $1,059.00 incl GST

Size: 6 Tine - $1,129.00 incl GST

Rotary hoe ideal as a portable rotary hoe for lifting in and out of garden beds and has amazing tilling ability due to unique blade design.

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Want a tiller that is light, portable but still can till like machines twice its weight - consider the Atom 740 today!

Do you need a good, reliable tiller for your garden? Atom Tillers not only till and cultivate your soil, but can mulch garden leaves and waste into a high quality, ready-to-use mulch.

Mainly used for home gardens, Atom tillers can be used elsewhere, such as tilling under grape vine wire strands, loosening up hardened chicken manure in chicken sheds and breaking up hard sand crusts in golf sand bunkers.They are not suitable for tilling hard, stony, clay or virgin ground nor ground covered with heavy grass or vines. Atom Tillers
are designed to work on soil workable with hand tools.

  • Ideal for home gardens, professional use and poultry sheds
  • Quiet 4-stroke engine - minimal disruption.
  • Reliable 25cc Honda engine starts with minimal effort, every time.
  • Strong steel handlebars
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Self-sharpening tines
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Availabie in 4 tine (230mm wide) or 6 tine (330mm wide) versions.

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