Trime X-Solar 4x100w Lighting Tower


Key features

  • 4x100W LED
  • 8m height
  • 2400sqm light area

Solar powered lighting tower with 4x100W LED

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The Trime X-SOLAR lighting tower is an emission-free tower light that operates solely from solar and battery power, with energy-saving LED lamps.

For contractors from the construction, rail, outside events and rental markets seeking carbon-neutral and easy-to-use site lighting, the Trime X-SOLAR is the ideal lighting solution.

The Trime X-SOLAR is another component in the Trime T-ZERO PRO range of low and zero-emission machinery.

Key Benefits:

  • Solar powered lighting tower with 4x100W LED
  • No fuel - zero emissions
  • Hydraulic vertical mast
  • Manual sliding of 2 sides solar panels
  • swivel central lifting eye
  • 4 adjustable and extendable stabilisers
  • 8.5m height
  • 1500kg
  • 3000sqm light area

Video courtesy of Sunbelt Rentals:

Dimensions & Weight3360x2138x2522mm transport, or 3360x4150x8500 setup and extended. 1500kg
Floodlights4x 100W LED
Illumination area3000 sqm
MastHydraulic, max height 8.5m, max wind speed 80km/h, 340° rotation
Run time with solar chargeAll year round!
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