Trime X-Mine 1800 Lighting Tower


Key features

  • 8.5 Meters
  • 4900 sqm LED
  • Multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable floodlights

Trime engineers know that the market needs a lighting tower that is rugged, long lasting and safe. The X-MINE LED 1800 has been created beginning from these characteristics. It is the best solution to your needs and guarantees 9800 sqm of illuminated area. 10 units can be loaded on a standard truck. To all of this, we added the technology that allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

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The PR-ECO MINESPEC LED is a high-quality LED lighting tower specifically designed for mining operations. It incorporates the latest LED technology to provide excellent light coverage and visibility in demanding work environments. The heavy-duty Mine Spec chassis ensures durability and has been proven effective in various mine sites across Australia & New Zealand.

This lighting tower is engineered to deliver optimal performance during night work, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including mining, rental, construction, industrial, and civil works. Its robust construction and reliable lighting capabilities make it an ideal choice for professionals working in challenging conditions.

The PR-ECO MINESPEC LED is available for sale and is backed by the PR Power branch network, ensuring comprehensive support and service throughout Australia & New Zealand. Whether you are looking to enhance visibility and safety in your mining operations or require powerful lighting for other industries, this lighting tower offers a premium solution designed to meet your specific requirements.

Dimensions (mm)3560c1880c2660 (LxWxH)
Total weight1350
Mast Max Height8.5m
EngineKubota Z482*
Fuel Tank Capacity220
Running Time 400h
Noise Level dB(A) at 7m65
Rotation340 Degrees
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