Trime Hybrid Solar Generator MGTP 45000/60

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Key features

  • Kohler Engine
  • Hybrid & Solar

Introducing our cutting-edge line of hybrid/solar generators that combine the best of battery and engine technology. These generators are specifically designed for the Rental, Construction, Event market, Road Works, Contractors, and Movie Production industries, offering a powerful and versatile solution for your power needs.

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TRIME's hybrid solar generators indeed offer a compelling solution that combines the advantages of solar energy with the reliability of traditional diesel generators. By harnessing solar power and integrating it with diesel and battery systems, these generators can provide a constant and sustainable power supply, even in remote locations or off-grid applications. The automatic switching capability ensures uninterrupted power flow, even during periods of low sunlight.

The cost savings and environmental benefits associated with these hybrid generators are significant. By reducing reliance on diesel fuel, operating costs can be lowered, and carbon emissions are minimized, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy solution. This is especially crucial in today's world, where environmental concerns and the need for renewable energy alternatives are at the forefront.

Additionally, the advanced monitoring systems provided with TRIME's generators enable real-time monitoring and remote control of the power system. This feature is particularly valuable for large-scale projects, as it facilitates efficient management, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the power system.

EngineKohler KDI 3404TCR CAC
Number of Batteries8
Dimensions 3335 x 2210 x 2268mm
Weight 3700kg
Running Time15000W = 3.1h - 35000 = 1.3h
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