SUPER Bedding Spreader

Bobman Super Bedding Spreader
Bobman Super Bedding Spreader

The Bobman Super is a fast and effective solution for spreading bedding in dairy sheds, under the cattle, in a consistent layer from a 0-4m.

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Sweeping bed stalls, cleaning slits, spreading straw and disinfectant in the stalls with about 120 cows takes less than 4 minutes!

  • Performs work in one go from the driver's seat
  • Perfect for scattering the cutter straw, sawdust, woodchips, lime or disinfectant powder.
  • Eases the hard daily work.
  • Reduces cell numbers, improves hygiene in the barn and prevents diseases.
  • Increases the cow's well-being with a result of the milk's quality improves!
  • Time and labor saving.
  • The consumption of bedding is reduced compared to manual bedding.
  • Recommended for up to 150 bed stalls.
  • The machine is not mass-produced and can therefore be adapted to the client's needs without extensive costs.
  • Compact and maneuverable.
  • Manual loading.
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