Weber MT

SRX 750 D Trench Rammer

SRX Tamper
SRX Tamper

Key features

  • 28.9 kN Compaction force
  • 33 kg
  • Honda Engine

The SRX 750 D trench rammer unites the technical advantages of the standard Weber MT tamper with the rugged performance of a diesel engine.

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This tremendously powerful vibrating tamper is well-suited for use on a large variety of different soils. This makes the machine an ideal tool for the construction of channels and trenches or repair work on roads and pavements.


  • Exceptional tamping capacity.
  • Long-lasting tamping system: the active lubrication system reliably supplies all components housed in the crankcase with oil.
  • A dependable engine protection keeps the engine from becoming damaged.
  • Fuel tank with integrated diesel filter.
  • Easy transport thanks to carrying handle and rolls.
  • Resilient diesel engine with a semi-automatic decompression.
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