Scag Turf Storm Stand-on Spreader/Sprayer

Scag Turf Storm NZ
Scag Turf Storm NZ

Key features

  • Liquid and dry capabilities
  • 273L liquid capacity, 100kg granule capacity
  • Up to 2.1m spray width (with booms out)

An indispensable tool for the serious turf renovation / lawn mowing contractor.

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The Scag Turf Storm stand on spreader sprayer is an indispensable tool for the serious landscape chemical applicator, or those looking to expand their lawn care offerings. The Turf Storm™ is built Scag® tough to treat large properties or residential lawns, and offers liquid and dry capacities for maximum productivity and profitability.

The Turf Storm helps create better turf more efficiently than ever before.

100kg Granular Capacity

The 220lb/100kg hopper dry/granular capacity paired with a high-torque electric spreader motor help deliver up to a 25-foot spread width.

273L Liquid Capacity

60-gallon / 273L total liquid capacity keeps you spraying longer. Highly translucent tanks with raised measurement indicators allow for accurate fill levels.

Professional Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine

21hp Vanguard engine delivers ample power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance. 50-amp charging system ensures dependable spreader operation, battery life and power to accessories like 7gpm pump, Lights & Foam Marker.

Quick and efficient drain plug

Drain plugs at the lowest part of the tanks allow for quick and convenient tank draining and cleaning in between the uses.

High Torque Electric Spreader Motor

The high torque electric spreader motor reduces system heat when compared to hydraulic spread motors used in the market place. As a result, you can more easily control your spread pattern resulting in a more accurate application of the granular products.

Ergonomic Operator Control Station

The ergonomic drive control lever design provides incredible ease-of-use. All the spreader and sprayer controls are within easy, fingertip reach.

Wide stance

DYNAMICALLY BALANCED - Wide stance for optimum maneouverability and stability on undulating terrain, eliminating the need for front casters.

Operator station

ERGONOMIC CONTROL STATION - Everything is accesible at your fingertips.

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