Scag Tiger Striping Kit


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Scag tiger striper
Scag tiger striper

Key features

  • Suits a range of Scag models
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Spring loaded for the best result

Take your lawn game to the next level with the Scag Tiger striping kit!

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Take your lawns to the next level using the Scag Tiger striping system. This patented design is the ultimate way to improve your existing stripes by providing additional downward pressure, folding the grass blades over to create a stunning finish.

It is spring loaded to help ensure consistent stripes by not only providing additional pressure, but adjusting to the contours of the lawn and while mowing at higher speeds.

The Tiger striper is compatible with a variety of Scag models and mounts behind the rear driving wheels. This provides a more tidy and consistent finish than deck mounted striping kits. You can easily turn the striping on or off using a simple lever when required.

We can install this with your new Scag mower, or Please check with us to ensure we have the appropriate stripe and/or install kit to suit your deck.

For more information and best practice tips on how to achieve the ultimate stripe, check out some top tips from Scag here.

Sprung loaded

Spring-loaded design for ultimate finish

zero turn mower striping kit

Easy locking latches to turn striping on or off when desired

Striping patterns

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Start by mowing the perimeter of your lawn. Next, mow in opposing directions through the remainder of the lawn. Take care when turning at the end of each row to prevent turf damage.

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Repeat the same process as the basic pattern, then repeat at an angle of your choice. Take the sun angle into account to get the best contrast at the right time of day.

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Start by completing the checkerboard pattern listed previously. Select a “light” stripe towards the center of the checkerboard area. Travel across one of the intersecting “dark” stripes and onto the next “light stripe. Carefully turn the mower, while on the “light” stripe 90 degrees to the right. Move forward, across the next “dark” stripe, onto the “light” stripe and carefully turn the mower 90 degrees to the left. Keep repeating this as you move across the area. Repeat.

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