Scag Hurricane Plus™ Mulching System

Hurricane Plus
Hurricane Plus

Key features

  • Fits most Scag Hero and Velocity+ Decks
  • Get a tidy, groomed finish

Eliminate visible clippings for a tidy, groomed finish and healthy lawn.

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Take Mulching to a new level.

The Hurricane Plus™ features a patented design that takes mulching to a new level. With “Eye of the Hurricane” mulching plates, bolt-in baffles, special Eliminator™ mulching blades and a side-discharge block-off plate, the Hurricane Plus system cuts and recuts clippings into a fine mulch before dispersing them into the lawn. The “Eye of the Hurricane” mulch plates that keep clippings in the path of the Eliminator blades, and this design ensures clippings are finely shredded and forcefully scattered down toward the soil, returning vital nutrients to the turf. Not only does this save you time and keep the lawn healthy, but it also benefits the environment by reducing landfill waste. Each Hurricane kit includes a set of serrated “Eliminator” mulching blades with a high lift, “double-cut” edge for quick, thorough shredding of grass clippings and debris. Vital nutrients are put back into the soil. The Scag® Hurricane Plus Mulch System fits all Velocity Plus™ Cutter Decks.


The mulching kit makes it a lot quicker, a lot simpler, and leaves a great finish.

Hear from Dave McKenzie, a kiwi farmer with a Scag Cheetah fitted with the Hurricane Plus™ mulching system.

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