Raymo S46FLORIS Sickle Bar Mower Attachment

Sickle bar mower
Sickle bar mowers
Sickle bar mower
Sickle bar mower
Sickle bar mowers
Sickle bar mower

Key features

  • 46" (117cm) cut width
  • Single or dual action options
  • Great for protecting biodiversity

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The Raymo S46FLORIS cutting bar is the answer for those who are looking for the ultimate environmentally friendly mowing solution. This is available in either single action (more robust) or dual action (faster) depending on your requirements and the material to be cut.

Biodiversty in Wildflower Meadows

The S46FLORIS is the perfect tool for maintaining areas of meadow/wildflowers with an emphasis on biodiversity, by creating minimal impact to both insects/animals and the cut material through the slicing action, compared to the fine shredding caused by rotary mowers.

The cutting bar is fitted with exchangeable, high quality and very durable BUSATIS blades.

There's a saying that says if you enjoy your job, you never work a day in your life.

Find out why James Holt loves his Raymo remote-controlled electric mower - one of the many reasons being he has cut his fuel bill from around $2,500 down to under $200 per month!

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