Raymo R48CRAFT Mowing Deck


Key features

  • 48in Wide
  • Rear discharge / mulching
  • Cutting Height 60 to 140 mm

Versatile 42" mowing deck suited for a wide variety of applications.

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The adjustable height of cut, ranging from 60 to 140 mm, provides versatility for different mowing needs, while the secure pin mechanism ensures stability even in high-vibration conditions. The incorporation of new proprietary direct drive Robotic motors, offering increased power and torque compared to previous models, along with the special Raymo-design swing blade system with rear discharge, indicates efficiency and effectiveness in grass cutting.

The emphasis on power and speed, coupled with compatibility with all Raymo Torpedo carriers, underscores the versatility and productivity of the R48CRAFT cutting deck. Overall, it seems like a reliable solution for efficiently managing vegetation in diverse settings.

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