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Optional Nozzle Wear Kit for Pro Vac SI


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Nozzle guards
Nozzle guards
Nozzle guards
Nozzle guards

Key features

  • Protect the intake nozzle from wear and tear

The nozzle wear kit protects either side of the intact nozzle on the Pro Vac SI.

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Protect and extend the life of the intake nozzle of your ProVac SI using the optional nozzle wear kit. Perfect for owners who are often nudging their leaf vacuum up against walls, fences, edges and steps where the nozzle is scraping regularly.

Two thick gauge steel plates are welded together to accommodate ample wear on both sides. Threaded inserts molded into the nozzle for easy installation.

Designed with no exposed hardware to prevent snags.

Note: The nozzle wear kit is included in the optional Hose Kit upgrade

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