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Optional Hose Kit for ProVac SI (Incl. Nozzle Wear Kit)


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Hose kit
Hose kit
Hose kit
Hose kit
Hose kit
Hose kit

Key features

  • Easy to fit and take on and off
  • Vacuum in hard to reach areas easily
  • Durable design

Make your Pro Vac SI more versatile with the optional hose kit, including nozzle wear kit.

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The very popular hose kit add-on enables you to easily reach hard-to-access areas of your property - places like behind bushes, in garden beds, around patios or steps, and gutters.

This consists of a 2.1m long, 5" (127mm) hose and a nozzle blocking plate to redirect air intake.

  • Easy to fit and it is simple to switch between using the hose and the main nozzle.
  • An adjustable handle on the hose end means no stooping for easy use.
  • Includes nozzle wear guards for minimising damage to nozzle edges.
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