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Little Wonder Pro Vac Leaf & Litter Vacuum


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Little Wonder ProVac
Little Wonder ProVac
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Key features

  • Powerful 6.5hp engine
  • Industrial grade
  • Huge 285L capacity top filling bag

A professional grade vacuum that clears leaves and debris at your pace with impressive power and performance, and a huge capacity.

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The Little Wonder Pro Vac leaf vacuum is designed and made for professional users wanting power and performance, along with larger capacity for less emptying. This impressive leaf vacuum not only is great for vacuuming autumn leaves, but other debris and rubbish, making it perfect for event locations and event management companies, along with landscapers and maintenance contractors.

The wide throat design makes for more efficient collection and avoids blockages, while the top loading bag design more efficiently fills the 282L bag to an impressive capacity that is over twice that of similar competitors. The heavy duty steel impeller helps to break down the leaves into much smaller pieces for better disposal and quicker decomposition - perfect for garden mulch!

With high airflow comes dust issues - yet the Little Wonder Pro Vac has a sewn in bag liner and a 'windshield' which diverts dust to ground level.

Operator comfort is a huge focus with the Pro Vac - a low 1 metre unit height allows for clear visibility over the vacuum and better view of the nozzle, while an arched and padded handle allows users of any size to find their comfortable operating position. The nozzle height automatically adjusts – no need to stop the engine and change height settings to avoid ‘scalping’ and ‘digging in’ on rough terrain!

Key Specifications

  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 6.5hp commercial engine (Pro Vac)
  • 29" nozzle width
  • Top filling, 26″ diameter bag, with 282L capacity, single lever release
  • 425mm steel impellor with 5 blades, 1/4″ (6.35mm) thick
  • 2 Year Warranty

Top loading bag with huge capacity - use broken down material for compost around the garden.


Heavy duty steel impellor is extremely durable, and breaks down material for easy disposal

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