Atom 960 Professional Petrol Drill


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Atom drill
Atom Drill
Atom drill
Atom Drill

Top quality, easy to use petrol drill for home, lifestyle block and farming use.

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Atom has more than 50 years experience in design and manufacture of chainsaw drill attachments for hard timber. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide over the years. Product knowledge gained over many years is built into the new Atom Engine Powered DRILLMASTER.®

All models will easily drill 1¼”(32mm) holes in Australian Dry Hardwood, which most other engine drills cannot do or do with much difficulty.

Up to 10 times faster gear change than other brands

Greatly increased productivity

All models take auger drill sizes from 10mm - 32mm

Honda GX35, 35cc 4-stroke engine

Auger drill speed: 0 - 580 r.p.m.

Automatic reverse capability (not found in any other engine drill)

New design (patents pending) incorporates many safety features. If the engine drill suddenly reacts (severe twisting) due to auger binding or jamming in timber, operator throttle control automatically moved to idle position allowing operator to maintain control of drilling operation.

Drills holes faster than any other drill due to the unique Auto Reverse Gear System and high engine power.

All ball bearing high tensile steel reversing clutches, hardened and ground steel cut crown gears and pinion.

Self-locking collar prevents auger loosening during use.

Designed and manufactured in Australia for local conditions and to drill the hardest Australian dry wood.

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