Why you shouldn’t mow wet grass

why you shouldn't mow wet grass

Mowing your lawn after a bit of rain might not seem like a big deal, it’s just water, right? But mowing wet grass can damage your lawn and your machine if you’re not careful. Let’s cover off the reasons you shouldn’t mow a wet lawn.

1: You could damage the grass

The ground is softer when wet and you’re more susceptible to damaging the roots of your grass. The grass also clumps more when wet and if left unraked, those clumps can smother the grass they cover, causing a patchy lawn.

2: You might put ruts into your lawn

A mower is usually a pretty heavy machine, so using it on soft, wet ground can cause rut damage to the area. These can be difficult to fix after the fact.

3: Your mower might clog up

Wet grass clippings have a tendency to clump up and clog up the bottom of a mower. This can be frustrating to clean out and can potentially damage your mower.

4: You’ll get a sloppy cut

Even the sharpest blades struggle with a clean cut on wet grass and the result will often be patchy.

But how wet is too wet to mow the lawn?

There’s a big difference between a light morning dew on the grass and ground that is fully saturated. If the ground sinks beneath your feet, it is definitely too wet to mow. Mowing when the ground is that soggy increases the likelihood of rut damage or disturbing the root system. It’s best to wait until the ground has dried enough to be firm again.

What if I can’t avoid mowing while it’s still wet?

While it’s better to wait until the grass is dry, we understand that it can be unavoidable – after all, we live in a place where regular rain is a fact of life! Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to make mowing wet grass a little easier, even if it’s not ideal. Things like raising the mower deck a bit to increase airflow, making sure to clean your mower right after mowing wet grass, and trying to remove excess water first can make a big difference to your results. Read all our tips for mowing wet grass here.

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