Bobcat Review NakiMowing

If there’s one person out there who loves mowers as much as our own Gerry does, it’s Ian from Taranaki. He’s the proud owner of a Bobcat ZT7000 zero turn ride on mower. Here’s what he had to say about it:

When Ian was a boy his dad and he would spend a lot of time outdoors, so it was only natural that Ian would pursue this passion. That’s how he ended up creating his business, NakiMowing.

Terrain around the Taranaki landscape is mixed with some flat ground but also hills. Ian needed a mower that could cover a lot of ground quickly, was stable on hills and comfortable enough for all day mowing.

One other factor this mower needed – it had to be the BEST. To Ian, there was no question that meant a Bobcat. But which one? He touch with Gerry here at OMC for more info. “I knew they were good machines but hadn’t really gotten any further than that”, says Ian.

He knew the right mower as soon as he saw it – the Bobcat ZT7000. He then goes on to list his favourite features of the machine. “It’s got two speeds on there. It can operate and cut knee-high grass at full speed - 22ks! And the transport speed when you need to go between lawns, it operates at 31ks – unreal!” Ian marvels. He clearly likes putting it to the test.

Stability on the hills was also a big thing. As you can imagine, he’s tried plenty of other mowers and they just don’t balance and stick well to a slope. Not like Bobcat does. “It is so stable on the hills.”

He’s not done yet. “Then there’s the comfort of this machine. You know at home when you have an armchair and you sit down, that arm rest and back support – these have that on a lawnmower. Even if you just went to Gerry at OMC and said you want to try the seat, you’re going to be amazed at the quality and comfort.” There’s also a mention of the shaped handles being brilliant.

Time is a big thing for Ian but he also can’t compromise on the quality of the cut. That’s why he’s so happy with his Bobcat, saying, “At the end of the day if you want a machine that will cut better and faster than any other zero turn you can get, give Gerry a call at OMC.”

Ian’s face lights up when he talks about his mower. It’s clear they’re a perfect match. Watch the video below for a genuine rave review from someone who’s been there and mowed that.


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