Try before you buy - why you should always get a free product demo

Ride on mower

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first and the same goes for a mower. It’s a big investment, after all. If you’ve read our guide to choosing the right mower you probably have a pretty good idea of what those needs are and therefore what kind of mower will suit. Now you need to put theory into practice and arrange a no-obligation, free demonstration from OMC or one of our dealers to experience just how it operates.

There are many benefits to buying a mower from OMC. Download your free document now to find out what they are.

Why get a free mower demo?

  • So you can find out how well it performs on your lawn
  • See the cut quality
  • Ensure you are comfortable and capable of operating it
  • Learn about all the different features
  • See those features in action
  • Compare one model with another
  • Talk about any options or accessories (e.g. catcher or dethatcher) that you may be needing
  • An opportunity to discuss finance options
  • Have your trade in mower (if applicable) assessed and a trade in price given.
  • Have all your questions answered by the dealer

How an OMC demo works

  • You let us know you want a demo of a certain mower or mowers. If you’re not sure, we can help you narrow down the options.
  • With a big team, we can usually confirm a demo within as soon as 1-2 days, depending on weather.
  • We bring the exact model/s (or as close to it as possible) to your property to try.
  • We’ll often bring other models too, for comparison.
  • Upon arrival we’ll take a walk around your property to assess what needs to be mowed and any unique challenges that you face on your lifestyle block or lawn.
  • You get a detailed run through of the mower or mowers and their differences.
  • We show you how to operate it by mowing a few strips because it’s important you see the cut quality.
  • Then you give it a go! Drive it for as long as you need to get a good feel for it.

After over 30 years in the power equipment industry we know mowers better than anyone else. When it comes to getting help deciding what is best for your needs, our long history and expert knowledge, along with a range of dealers nationwide, means you can be sure the advice we offer is solid. We listen to your needs and match you up with the right mower, even customising a solution if that’s what it takes. Even if you’re 99% sure you know what you’re after it’s worth asking as we may see your property from a different perspective. We often get clients tell us, if they hadn’t had a demo, they’d still be mowing their lawn how they’d always done – which isn’t necessarily the best way!

For more information on why you should choose OMC, download this free document for all you need to know. We’re confident our offering is one of the very best around so if you’re ready to talk about which mower is right for you property, get in touch and we’ll tee up your free, no obligation demo.

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