The Benefits of Stihl MotoMix®

Stihl MotoMix

New to New Zealand, STIHL MotoMix is 50:1 ready-mixed fuel for engines requiring a petrol-oil blend, developed by STIHL to achieve high performance with minimum cost to your health and New Zealand’s environment.

This special mix has a higher-octane content than standard unleaded petrol but is virtually free of harmful benzene, sulphur and aromatics. After all, keeping dangerous substances out of our products in the first place is the best way of protecting you and the environment. Furthermore, the fuels oil component can biodegrade unusually rapidly. So, fill up with the all-new STIHL MotoMix and your engine will really clean up its act.

Longer storage

STIHL MotoMix can be stored for at least 2 years without separating. It is available in a practical disposable container, and unopened, this can last for up to 5 years! This completely removes the common problem that we have, especially here in New Zealand – of our fuel going stale and damaging our expensive gear.

Protects your engine, your health, and the environment.

The high-octane content over 95 RON guarantees optimal engine performance. A careful balance of vapour pressure and the proportion of low boiling substances ensures trouble-free ignition and reliable operation – all year round.

The fuel’s much-reduced olefin and aromatics content also helps protect the engine, these substances otherwise lead to build-ups of residue in the combustion chamber and limited power delivery STIHL MotoMix helps keep everything longer.

The Engine oil used in STIHL MotoMix was specially developed for high-performance two-stroke power units. It is designed to minimise residue build-ups and provide excellent lubrication. This is achieved through the careful selection of high-quality, all-synthetic oil and additive components.

A fuel that always packs a punch!

The fuels balanced boiling line ensure faultless engine operation at all temperatures when starting and during prolonged operation. In summer, the fuel vapour bubbles develop that could disrupt the flow of fuel. In winter, it has high enough vapour pressure to guarantee optimal fuel-air mix formation.

MotoMix® is available in 5L packs at present.

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