New vs Second Hand Mowers

26 Dec 2017

New vs Second Hand Mowers

Is it OK to buy a used lawn mower or does it have to be new to be any good? Here’s our advice.

Benefits of buying used

The obvious reason to buy a second hand mower is price; it will always be cheaper than buying the same thing new. The benefit can be that because newer always costs more, for the same budget you could get a better mower, more powerful mower for the same budget as one that is new. That is of course, if it’s been well maintained and refurbished. 

There are many benefits to buying a mower from OMC. Download your free document now to find out what they are.

Buying second hand privately

Here’s what to look for when buying a used lawn mower:

  • Price research - start by looking at the prices and features of new lawn mowers within your budget. This will help you to know how much a used one should cost; rule of thumb for a fair deal would be no more than 60-70% of the retail price for one that’s only a few years old and in good shape.
  • Engine – finding a used mower with an engine brand that you know (eg. Kawasaki, Honda, Briggs & Stratton) is always a good idea. It’ll help when it comes time to repair or replace parts.
  • Seller – ask if they can pass on any paperwork to do with the mower, eg. original purchase receipt to confirm the age of the mower or maintenance records to you know how often and when it was last serviced.
  • Local Service Agent – check if your local service agent is happy to service the second hand machine. Sometimes it’s a much better idea to buy second hand off the local dealer, as they will stand by the product and look after you as their own customer. Most likely they’ll have thoroughly checked the machine over as well.
  • General condition – on a ride-on check the wheels aren’t wobbly or tyres cracked. On a push mower check the handles are sturdy and cables not bent or twisted. Give it a start to make sure there are no issues there, and it would pay to run it over some grass to see the cut quality. If you want to get really serious and you know what you’re looking for you could check the oil and see if it’s been changed recently. If it’s black and sticky it’s old and the mower hasn’t been taken very good care of. Another item worth a check is the air filter; a very dirty one obviously hasn’t been changed in some time and will have affected the mower’s performance.

Benefits of buying new

  • It’s under warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Easy access to parts
  • Only needs servicing once a year
  • Blades are sharp and ready to give a fantastic cut
  • Better fuel economy
  • Uses latest technology
  • The latest comfort and performance features
  • Better look
  • Latest design possible

Ready to buy?

Then we’re ready to help. Simply get in contact anytime to arrange a free demo or talk about what options are best for your property. 

Quality used mowers

If you’ve decided second hand is the way to go, you can rely on us for quality. We don’t believe in “a lick and a promise”; our refurbished mowers are the real deal having had a thorough going over by our experienced technicians. We are New Zealand's largest retailer of second hand Walker Mowers, along with many other brands.

We also arrange hassle-free shipping to get it to you and include a 3-month warranty for extra peace of mind. Longer warranties are also sometimes available on request.

New mowers

If you’re interested in buying new, the benefits of being an OMC customer are many. Nobody knows mowers like we do and that’s just the beginning. Download our free document now and to find out why purchasing a mower from us is a sound decision.

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