What are the new improvements to the Bobcat Mower range, and which one is right for you?

Bobcat mower range

The Kiwi backdrop has always been pretty diverse when it comes to terrain, and Bobcat have earned a good reputation of tackling our different grass types, time and time again. We’ve recently introduced the next generation 2021 Bobcat Mower range, which features some exciting new improvements and benefits including updated designs, new fuel gauges and a fresh colour palette.

Below, we’ll take you through these updated features and benefits so you can decide which one is best for you and your lawns. Focusing on the top three models with the most significant updates, we'll help you find the right mower, for the right job.

Bobcat ZT2000 (42/48/52”)

Bobcat ZT2000 (42/48/52”)

The new Bobcat ZT2000 is the ultimate entry level zero turn mower which replaces the BOB-CAT CRZ. The ZT2000’s new design includes an improved deck. This new deck is the strongest in its class – 7 or 10 gauge, fully fabricated and a welded and reinforced steel deck giving it the strength to tackle even the most rugged New Zealand lawn. The deck is also chain hung – a benefit normally only seen on full professional mowers. This feature offers better flotation over undulating ground and more durability.

Together with it’s better than ever deck, the ZT2000 updates include new handles designed for comfort (these are an absolute dream when you have a large area to mow) as well as a swish, new updated fuel tank complete with gauge. So if you’re looking for a top performing zero turn mower for residential and lifestyle blocks, check out the full product details here.

Bobcat ZT3000 (42/48/61”)

Bobcat ZT3000 (42/48/61”)

The new 2021 Bobcat ZT3000 combines the best features of the old BOB-CAT XRZ and the XRZ Pro models. The Bobcat ZT3000 has the transaxles off the XRZ (HydroGear ZT-3100s), but the FT Series engine which sits between the XRZ FR and the XRZ Pro’s FX series engine. This not only makes it suitable for your typical lifestyle block, but also grunty enough for commercial mowing rounds. It has additional ‘Vortical’ air filtration for mowing in summer conditions which drastically improves engine life.

This 2021 model has an all-new AirFX deck design which gives it superior grass cutting and discharge, even in the most challenging of NZ conditions. Like the ZT2000, this bullnose, chain hung deck is the strongest in its class and the EVC suspension seat with padded armrests and new handles will make you feel like you’re floating on air. This also has the updated ‘almond’ shaped handles for more control and comfort. The ZT3000 is ideal if you’re after something for larger rural properties or commercial mowing. Read more about the ZT3000.

Bobcat ZT3500 (42/48/61”)

Bobcat ZT3500 (42/48/61”)

The Bobcat ZT3500 offers a full suite of professional benefits for both large rural properties and serious mowing professionals at a great price. Replacing the BOB-CAR XRZ Pro RS model, the newly designed dual fuel tanks of the ZT3500 means naturally, you’ll be stopping less to refuel, if at all. This will certainly appeal to anyone who knows the hassle of having to refuel halfway through a job.

The ZT3500 also comes with the comfort of the Bobcat suspension seat for those long jobs a roll frame for safety, bull nose deck, and large 23” tyres for extra traction to get to those tricky spots. If you’re looking for a full commercial mower at an exceptional price, this is it. Read more about the ZT3500.

Bobcat ZS4000

This model replaces the QuickCat series and is a world leading stand on mower.

Bobcat ZT6000

Get a full professional cut with this beast, offering excellent speed, comfort, power and durability with the Kawasaki FX850V engine and HydroGear ZT-4400 transaxles.

Bobcat ZT7000

The king of the beasts! The ZT7000 is one of, if not the fastest zero turn mower on the planet with a top speed of 32km/h. This mower boasts a whopping 35hp with the Kawasaki FX1000V engine, and the two-speed, top-of-the-line HydroGear ZT-5400 transaxles. The ZT7000 lets you knock out quality results, job after job.


The Bobcat name is synonymous with reliability and quality, and the all-new 2021 range continues to uphold Bobcat’s reputation. You also get Bobcat’s renowned 3 Year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, with hours ranging from 500 to 2000hrs depending on the model.

Get in touch to find out more or check out their full product range here.

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