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Canycom Slope & Brush

Widely considered New Zealand’s original slope and brush mower, Canycom mowers are perfect for commercial customers and lifestyle block owners alike. Designed to tackle any slope up to 30 degrees, the variable cut height you can adjust on the fly means you can take care of the front of the house as well as the brush out the back. Its shaft-drive deck provides ample power to take on long grass, gorse and even bamboo up to 38mm in diameter. And because of its low ratio diff-lock you’ll never slip out when you’re halfway down the property.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what lifestyle block owner Jason Bishop has to say.

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BOB-CAT Zero Turn Mower

Perfect for the classic lifestyle block, a BOB-CAT Zero turn mower transforms the chore of mowing into something you can look forward to. Highly maneuverable and available in a number of durable deck sizes to suit, a zero turn eliminates any need for 3-point turns around tight spaces or trees. Significantly faster than a lawn tractor as well, BOB-CATs offer a smooth and comfortable ride across your property. They also have the best warranties in the industry – so it’s no surprise we believe they offer the best value for money of any zero turn mower in New Zealand.

Gregg Coffey was initially concerned about mowing his lawns when he moved to the country. See how his zero-turn mower removed any reason to worry.

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