How to take care of a growing lawn

Lawn seed being spread

Between the wind and the rain that summer can bring around this time of year, now is the time to get everything sorted for summer. And whether you’re hosting the family or having friends around for a barbeque, making sure your lawn’s top notch is an essential.

If you’re growing yours from scratch, hopefully your seed is well on its way through. Autumn and spring are the best seasons to sow because the temperature and rain comes in just the right amount. That’s not to say that your lawn won’t grow if you’re just starting now. You’ll just need to keep a closer eye on it with the warmer temperatures.

On the other hand, if you sowed seed a few months ago and you’re still not seeing the results you want, there are a few things that could be holding you back. So, in this guide, we’ll start with a quick refresher on how to get your lawns growing properly before ticking off some maintenance tips.

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Make sure everything’s growing correctly

Growing a lawn to make others green with envy starts with the right base. Ensuring your soil is the right mix, the right shape and free from any roots or soil is key before putting anything down. Because just like in sport, proper preparation prevents poor performances.

Here’s a few things to tick off first:

- Make sure you have a smooth base that water can drain from without pooling.- Apply a pre-lawn mix and water thoroughly before applying the right grass seed. Some grasses grow better in the shade than in the sun.- Apply around a handful of seed per square metre; going from east to west and then north to south.- Water at least once daily. Twice if the sun is particularly warm.

Make changes where you need to

With the basics taken care of, there might still be a couple of maintenance jobs to take care of. The most important two considerations are water and mowing, because each will have an impact on how fast and strong your lawn can grow.

In summer, ensure you’re watering whenever you apply fertiliser. Fertilisers can burn your lawn, even in winter, so by watering your lawn at the same time you can ensure that there’s enough moisture to release the nutrients from your fertiliser.

The other key to taking care of your lawn once it’s growing is to mow it correctly. In the initial stages of growth, it’s essential to let your grass grow at least 5cm before mowing so there’s enough root structure to provide ample support underneath. When you do mow for the first time, set your mower to the highest setting at first. This will promote stronger regrowth; and by keeping your lawn above 3cm high you can block any weeds from the sun and stop them growing in the first place.

Make it easy with the right mower

Whether you live in the suburbs or out on a lifestyle block, having the right mower makes a world of difference when it comes to lawn maintenance. Sharp blades actually promote healthy lawn growth because they can cut, rather than tear or shred, the top blades of grass. Depending on the size of your property, having the right ride-on machine can also cut the time you’re spending in half, literally.

At OMC, we stock a huge range of mowers that lend themselves perfectly to all kinds of properties. If you’re having any trouble with your lawns, or you’d just like to see what’s out there, feel free to take a look at the entire range or come in and see us. We’re the exclusive stockists for a number of products, including the class-leading BOB-CAT range. We can even arrange a free demonstration at yours so you can see one in action.

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