How to keep getting the most from your mower this summer

Ride on lawnmower

We’re going to assume you know that lawns grow faster, and thicker, during summer. But do you know what that means for your mower? Whether you’re outside entertaining or simply enjoying the weather, the added use your mower gets is all the more reason to keep it running at 100%.

Maintaining your mower ensures you can spend less time using it and more time enjoying your property. Especially if you mow commercially, there’s nothing worse than being held back by an overdue service. At OMC, our team of expert mechanics have access to a fully stocked parts department, but here’s a few things you can do at home first.

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Clean and check it, correctly

Before you start doing anything, if you are dealing with a rotary/push mower, it’s always safest to disconnect your mower’s spark plug. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, it prevents your mower from starting if you spin the blades. But it also means you can check the plug’s condition, and ensure that that oil can’t wreck other parts when its tipped on its side. Your manual should show you where the spark plug is located. But even after disconnecting it, you should tilt your mower so that the plug insert faces skyward.

After hosing away clumped grass, make sure the blades are sharp and check the cord if you have a pull start mower – or the belts if you drive a ride on mower. Both are essentials to getting any job done, and they should feel strong and show no signs of tearing.

Change the oil if you need to

Look out for any floating debris or black oil as both signs you’re due for an oil change. Or, if the oil is white/milky, it is possible water has worked its way into the oil reservoir and emulsified the oil, meaning it will need to be investigated and changed. If you have access to a drip tray at home or work, simply remove the drain plug and dispose of the used oil safely. If you aren’t able to drain the oil from home, our team of mechanics can take care of everything for you.

Better yet, consider having your mower serviced before it’s too late

We recommend you get your mower professionally serviced at least once a year or after every 50 hours of use. It doesn’t just provide peace of mind, but it ensures your mower can last for years to come. And if you’ve previously bought a mower from us, you can enjoy the benefit of priority servicing.

Every service includes the basics like oils, filters and spark plugs changed. But if we spot anything else more serious, we will most likely contact you before proceeding with any extra work. Click here to book yours today.

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