How much do plate compactors cost?

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Whether you’re planning to build a path down the side of your home, level the backyard for artificial turf or even take on larger jobs like driveways and roads, the amount you can expect to pay for a compactor will almost certainly relate directly to the size of your project.

Amongst the range of quality, German-made Weber MT plate compactors we stock at OMC, there are single and reversible options which, depending on the application, can be well worth the investment. In this article we’ll cover what your money gets you with a few of our popular models, as well as what makes each one different.

CF1i Single Direction Vibratory Plate Compactor
Price: From $2,099 +GST*
Our entry level plate compactor, the CF1i is designed for small landscape jobs and it especially helpful in tight spaces. Unlike some larger or more expensive models, this compactor only travels in one direction. So, if your project is in a particularly tight space, you may want to consider a reversible plate compactor or even a vibratory tamper.

CF2 HD Single Direction Plate Compactor
Price: From $2,499 +GST*
A higher-spec model that offers a lot more flexibility, the CF2 is a single direction machine that offers a greater level of compaction and frequency when compared to the CF1i. Its handles are more comfortable, making it far easier to operate over longer runtimes. And because the plate itself isn’t relatively large or small it can be easily applied to a wide range of projects. These projects could be anything from levelling your backyard to laying asphalt on driveways, and a polyurethane pad is included with all purchases for compacting pavers.

CR5 273 kg Reversible Plate Compactor
Price: From $8,499 +GST*
Moving up to compactors geared more towards commercial application, the CR5 is a reversible compactor that can tackle anything from sand and gravel to crushed aggregate and block pavers. This variety of applications makes them the choice of landscapers or contractors that specialise in road, sewer and trench construction, and because they can travel forwards and in reverse they can be used just about anywhere with ease.

CR6H Reversible Plate Compactor
Price: From $13.499 +GST
The commercially-designed CR6H is a reversible machine that boasts an impact power of 55kN while still keeping hand-arm vibrations to a minimum. Another key aspect of this machine is that features Weber MT’s new COMPATROL compaction control system that detects weak points in your surface and tells you when you’ve reached a sufficient level of compaction. Its hydraulic shifter allows you to travel backwards and forwards, and its MDM protection system automatically cuts the engine off when oil pressure or the level of oil drops below safe levels.

If you’re still unsure which compactor is right for you or would prefer talking about your project to one of our experts, feel free to get in touch or see us in store at 100 Gasson Street.

*Prices are valid as at May 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

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