FAQ's when buying a ride-on mower

10 Oct 2018

buying a ride-on mower

What is zero turn?

Zero-turn refers to the turning radius, or lack thereof, on a zero-turn mower. Because each of the back wheels can turn independently you’re able to turn 180 on the spot, making them much more maneuverable than lawn tractors.

How do I know I need a ride-on?

If your property or lifestyle block is larger than 2 acres, or mowing the lawns takes longer than 2 hours then we strongly recommend considering a ride-on lawn mower.

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I have a number of trees on my lifestyle block, which mower should I choose?

Depending on how closely your trees are planted, you may be able to get around everything easily on a lawn tractor. However, to get right up close to them without making a number of 3-point turns we suggest opting for a zero-turn. Even general turns at the end of a row are substantially faster.

My property is quite hilly, does it matter which mower I pick?

Absolutely. Depending on how steep the slopes are it might be possible to mow everything on a zero-turn, but this can be dangerous – especially in the wet. For that reason we don’t recommend lawn tractors on hilly sections but we do offer slope and brush mowers designed specifically for properties like yours. They have a much lower centre of gravity, making them less prone to flip and 4WD options are available for added traction. You can view these here.

What is hydrostatic transmission?

Hydrostatic transmission offers greater acceleration and response-time in some of our mowers, and it allows them to run at a variety of speeds. A hydrostatic pump works by using pressurized oil to move pistons that engage the drive wheels of your mower. Most zero turns have transaxles, which are like a hydrostatic transmission and wheel motor, all in one unit. There are many models of transaxle from lightweight residential through to full commercial, so make sure the one you get is fully serviceable and of suitable quality.

Which sized deck do I need on my zero-turn?

It all depends on the size of your property and your budget. having a larger deck will lower the amount of time you spend mowing, but on relatively smaller properties there isn’t much difference. The typical deck size on average throughout New Zealand is 48”.

Can I adjust the cut height?

Yes. On some cheaper models, this must be done while the mower is turned off, however some models do off the ability to adjust cut-height from the seat as you mow.

Am I able to try before I buy?

Absolutely. By requesting a demo from the product page of the mower you’re considering you can arrange a time for one of our team to bring any mower to your home or property for a demonstration. We have a number of dealers Nationwide and can make something work just for you.

Is there someone I can talk to at OMC?

Of course! Feel free to contact us online or give us a call on 0800 662 669 to speak with one our specialists.

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