Different types of generators


Whether it’s for work, play or in the case of an emergency, having a working generator on-hand is a simple yet effective way to provide power when and where you need it. It’s important to realise there are different types of generators that are designed for different applications, so when it comes to choosing the right one there are a number of things to consider other than where you’ll be using it and why. At OMC we stock a wide range of generators, each with their own advantages and specific applications. Let’s take a look at the types we offer.


A great option for smooth, clean power, inverter generators use advanced modern circuitry and magnets as well as fuel to generate AC electricity that is then converted to DC to power electronics. Available in a range of sizes that can put out between 2.2 and 7kW, they can be used for a number of applications; reliably powering anything from a phone charger to a PA system for 12 hours on a single tank. As they’re relatively smaller and quieter than conventional generators, they’re also portable solution that can be taken just about anywhere.

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Also known as conventional generators, standard/industrial options are more affordable than inverters and better suited to prolonged farm use and backups. Because they’ve been around the longest, a conventional generator is what comes to mind when most of us think of a generator, characterised by the frames that allow the engines and full tanks to sit level on the ground. All the standard/industrial generators we stock are powered by quality Honda engines and range between 2.3 and 11kW options – making them more powerful than their inverter counterparts.

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Tractor power take off (PTO) generators allow you to turn arguably your most reliable piece of farm equipment – your tractor/s - into a portable power plant. Available in outputs ranging from 30 to 110kVA or even more, their simple 3-point linkages allow you to easily plug them in to your farmhouse, dairy sheds or any similar buildings in the case of a power outage. Because they run off your tractor, it’s one less engine to worry about. Available in permanent options as well, we have full access to backup parts and service should anything happen on the farm.

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LPG Backup

Specifically designed to keep the lights on in a power cut, LPG backups add value to your home or business and switch over automatically in the event of an outage. They run on the same natural gas your BBQ uses and are available in single and three phase options that work across any home. Housed in a weather proof case that sits externally like a heat pump, they’re easy to store and look after. We specialise in the custom installation of these units, so if you’re looking for someone that can take care of everything from consultation to installation and service, look no further than OMC.

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