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Cutting decks for ride on mowers


When it comes to buying a ride on mower, one thing that they all have in common is a cutting deck – the pressed or fabricated steel area that houses its blades. Whether you choose from side or rear discharge, mulching or out-front, the size and type of cutting deck your mower requires will vary depending on the size and landscape of your property.

While all of our mowers are designed and manufactured by reputable and leading brands, it’s worth noting from the outset that among all ride ons, those with fabricated decks are the hardest-wearing and therefore most suited to New Zealand conditions. And depending on the amount of lawn you mow regularly and the number of trees or obstacles you have to navigate, there are also different deck sizes within most brands and models. 

So with that in mind, here’s a breakdown on the three main deck types you can expect to find.


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Rear discharge (Collecting)

Well-suited to mowing wet lawns, rear discharge decks have the advantage of a collection bag opening just behind the blades. Because of this, you can mow just about anywhere without worrying about any clippings ending up on the footpath, driveway or worst of all – in your house. The Victa VRX 17533HC Catching Ride on Mower is a great example that ensures a neat and tidy finish.

Rear discharge (Non-Collecting)

Some zero-turn mowers are fitted with rear discharge, non catching decks. Whilst these are preferred by some contractors who don’t want clippings discharged onto nearby areas e.g. roads, they don’t tend to work that well in long, damp NZ conditions.

Side discharge

Better for longer grass and available on both zero turn and ride on mowers, side-cutting decks are a great option for the varying conditions many lifestyle block owners find across their properties. Side collection options are available for some of these mowers, however, they aren’t recommended as side discharge decks are designed to shoot out clippings and mulch across large areas. Our BOB-CAT range of zero turn mowers come with side discharge decks as standard. These mowers come in a number of size options for small and large rural properties and are a very popular choice for kiwi lifestyle block owners.

Out front

Found on zero turn mowers, out front decks lend themselves to being maneuverable and allowing the driver to see exactly where the blades are about to cut. With the increased visibility, it’s possible to get up close to edges and underneath overhanging branches. Our Walker range of ride on zero turn mowers offer the most versatility when it comes to these factors as you’re both above and behind the cutting deck; you get the ‘best seat in the house’ with ultimate visibility, maneouvrability and the added benefit of a floating deck.

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