Compactors: what they do and where you need one


Compactors are valuable tools when you want a tight, level surface that won’t become loose over time, or for preparing surfaces prior to concrete pour/paver laying to prevent cracks or movement over time. In most cases, the surface you wish to compact or the material you’re compacting will determine the type and size of compactor most suited to the job, so here’s a quick overview on the three types of compactor we offer at OMC.

Single direction plate

The smallest and lightest compactors available, single direction plate compactors are useful for a number of applications. Because the plate doesn’t vibrate with as much force as a trench rammer or jumping jack, they’re great for home landscaping and small commercial jobs involving soil, sand and asphalt because they won’t form large ridges after a pass. They’re also suitable to go over pavers as well, because they won’t be forcing them into the earth. A must have for landscapers, drainlayers, builders, farmers, hire centres or the home handyman undertaking larger scale landscape projects.

Trench rammers/vibratory tampers

Trench hammers, jumping jacks or vibratory tampers lend themselves to being more maneuverable in tight spaces and are able to compact your surface with much greater force. Because of this, they aren’t the best option when you want a clean, level surface or if you are working with soil or small stones. They work best in trenching applications where larger stones or gravel need to be compacted firmly in a small space. Ideal for drainlayers, irrigation contractors, landscapers.

Reversible plate compactors

Reversible plate compactors work the same way as their single direction counterparts, except the plate is curved upwards at both ends so that they can be pulled or pushed effectively. Reversible compactors also come in much larger sizes, starting at 100kg and going up to 900kg. Because of this, at the upper end they’re best for commercial applications such as asphalt compaction and large-scale landscaping jobs. A must have for drainlayers, civil construction / contractors and other commercial applications.

At OMC, we stock a huge range of German-engineered Weber MT compactors suitable for any application. Every compactor comes with a standard 2 years commercial warranty as well a full range of parts and back up service. To learn more, contact us today.

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