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The size of your property, the lay of your land and the budget you have are all key factors when it comes to figuring out what size and type of mower will make maintaining your lawns easy and enjoyable. We offer plenty of options that cater to any job and we’ve even prepared a guide that lets you compare our most popular models at a glance. There may be more than one mower that suits your property, but here’s a few common features that can make the difference.


When it comes to mowing lifestyle blocks or anything around an acre or more, zero turn mowers are the way to go if you want the job done efficiently. Even at entry level, they’re the fastest ride ons available so you can expect them to cut mowing time and let you get back to enjoying your property. Ranging from less than $8,000 for a basic, lower quality unit, to around $10,000 for a quality entry level ZTR, to a professional catching zero turn at $30,000, mid range models offer the most value for money and cost anywhere between $9,000 and $14,000.

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Slope performance

For minor slopes and undulations up to 15 degrees, you could consider a ZTR and even upgrade to all terrain turf tyres for additional traction. This way, you’ll get the efficiency of a zero turn with added traction on slopes. If your slopes are 15-30 dgrees, there’s really only one option here, and that’s either a ride on slope and brush mower or a walk behind field and brush mower. They’re built with a very low centre of gravity so that they won’t tip, making the safest option. They’re also able to mow lawns on the flat just as well, if not better, than some zero turn mowers and lawn tractors – making them a versatile option for what can be challenging areas to maintain.

Dishcharge / Mulching / Collecting

Zero turns can mulch fine turf and slightly long or damp grass, but when it comes to weeds or anything a little harder around the edges of your property then it’s the slope and brush mowers that come out on top again. Most ride on mowers are primarily side discharge or mulch, however If you are wanting to collect grass, there are a number of catcher options available for zero turn mowers.

Lawn tractors are relatively inexpensive but far less versatile and only suitable on flat properties than a zero turn, so unless you have a wide open lawn without any trees or other obstacles in the way then it’s worth considering the investment the value that you place on your time and whether a zero turn would be more efficient.


An important consideration when it comes to any investment, weighing up the costs involved will ensure you get the most mower for your money. At one end of the scale, lawn tractors start from $3,500 and entry level zero turns begin at just under $8,000; however, it’s worth noting that unless you have a flat property with no obstacles, opting for a zero turn will pay itself off in maneuverability and time saved. Amongst our zero turn mowers, we have options that cater for people that just want a nice lawn all the way up to professional or commercial contractors, and we do have optional add ons available so that you can maximise the potential of your mower.

For an in-depth look at all the mowers we offer, our guide to choosing the right one for your property contains all the information you need to make the best choice. It contains everything you need to know, from dealing with slopes and clippings to transmission and deck options.

If you’re unfamiliar with what kind of property you have or are still unsure which mower might be best for your property or you’d just like to see one in action, get in touch to arrange a free demonstration at yours.

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