Choosing the best residential zero turn mower for your property

scag zero turn mower in action

When it comes to getting a new mower for your lifestyle block or larger property, a zero turn mower is worth considering.

Although zero turn mowers are often associated with mowing contractors or business-related requirements like golf courses or public parks, there are plenty of entry-level options that are perfect for residential use.

Before we take a look at some options for residential zero turn mowers, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of a zero turn mower.


  • Zero turn mowers are fast! They can drastically reduce your mowing time with top models hitting speeds up to 16km/h. This is especially good for lawns with plenty of curves.
  • Zero turn mowers are more precise and manoeuvrable than traditional mowers, making them very useful for areas with plenty of obstacles or oddly shaped sections.
  • Zero turn mowers also come with tons of customisation options like catching kits, mulch kits, chutes, trailer hitches, and more.


  • There is a learning curve. Zero turn mowers have two steering levers, unlike ride-on mowers that use a steering wheel. This allows each axel to be moved independently of the other one, but it takes some practice to get a hang of the controls.
  • Zero turn mowers are more expensive upfront than other residential mowers, however they typically last much longer and require less maintenance over their lifetime. So if you need something the last a long time, a zero turn mower might be worthwhile.

Bobcat ZT2000 zero turn ride on mower

Bobcat ZT2000

Best value entry-level residential zero turn mower

Comes in 42”, 48” or 52” deck sizes

The Bobcat ZT2000 zero turn mower is one of the most popular in the Bobcat mower range. A rugged design, commercial grade components, and an adjustable deck lip, makes it the perfect fit for any NZ lawn. Powerful, durable, and comfortable, it’s just as at home in rough paddock grass as a fine turf lawn, producing quality results every time.

Scag Liberty Z zero turn ride on mower

Scag Liberty Z

Best zero turn mower for a beautiful, magazine-worthy lawn

Comes in 48”, 52” or 61” deck sizes

Made in the USA at the iconic Scag factory in Mayville, Wisconsin, the Scag Liberty Z is loved by homeowners with large lawns all over New Zealand. The unique steering system makes it a breeze to navigate twists and turns for a consistent, beautiful cut. And Scag’s signature Hero™ cutting deck has a unique deep design for efficient grass handling, and a wide discharge - for a superior cut quality and beautiful striped finish mow after mow.

Scag Freedom zero turn ride on mower

Scag Freedom

Best zero turn mower for slopes and hilly lawns

Comes in 48” or 52” deck sizes

The Scag Freedom zero turn mower is quick and comfortable and features a low centre of gravity, roll over protection frame and seatbelt make it especially safe to operate, even on slopes. The fully fabricated deck has a deep design for impressive grass handling in challenging conditions and is built to last for the long term.

Bobcat CT3500 zero turn ride on mower

Bobcat ZT3500

Best in class, top of the line residential zero turn mower

Comes in 48”, 52” or 61” deck sizes

The Bobcat ZT3500 mower offers the full suite of professional benefits for large rural properties owners. The raised deck lip, and the patented Double-Wave Baffle system maximises lift, even when wet, making it ideal for New Zealand lawns. With dual fuel tanks and fast ground speeds up to 16km/h, you’ll get a quality cut in no time.

Walker B23 zero turn ride on mower

Walker B23

Best residential zero turn mower with all the bells and whistles

Comes in 36”, 42” or 48” deck sizes

The Walker B23 is top seller for both residential and small to medium commercial uses. With all the distinct Walker characteristics of being agile, versatile, and easily maintainable it delivers the beautiful classic Walker cut. It’s light on the turf to protect against rutting and other damage and improve efficiency by reducing lost motion and providing quick manoeuvrability. And with interchangeable decks, a variety of power options and add-ons like LED headlights and a utility bed, it’s a versatile year-round machine.

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