Choosing the best mower for 10 acres or more

12 Oct 2018

choosing the best mower

With a patch of lawn larger than most, if you’re planning to mow it regularly it’s important that you have the right tool for the job. And unless you’re excited by the prospect of covering those acres on foot, we should rule out anything that isn’t a ride on from the get go. With that taken care of, you’ll need to consider the terrain you’re mowing, how often you’ll be out there and how much you want to spend on the variety of features that come with different ride ons.

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Just like 4WD cars are designed to be driven across different terrain, the type of ride on mower you choose will be dependent on the lay of your land. If your property is flat you have the choice of opting for either a zero turn mower or a lawn tractor, and each have their advantages.

  • Lawn tractors are affordable and easy to drive, however they aren’t the most maneuverable around trees and they aren’t suited to slopes.
  • Zero turn mowers are much faster than lawn tractors, and instead of a steering wheel many are steered using two levers. This lets you control each tyre independently and turn 180° on the spot (hence the term, ‘zero-turn’). Because of this they’re great for properties with a number of trees to navigate as well, as you can get close to the trunk without having to make a 3-point turn. Or just generally for any large, flat open space.
  • Slope and brush models are designed especially for heavy duty slope and brush mowing. They have a very low centre of gravity and are often 4WD so they have enough traction to deal with slopes up to 35°, something worth considering if your property is hilly.

How often you’ll use it

Once you’ve determined the mower that’s best suited to your property, your next consideration is how often you plan on mowing your lawn how long you want to be doing it for. If your lawn can be taken care of by a lawn tractor or a zero turn mower, speed and cost make the difference here. Generally more expensive, zero turn mowers are much faster than lawn tractors and the majority of models are made using tougher pressed steel. That makes them a great long-term investment. However, if your lawn is lower maintenance or you don’t mind taking a little more time, then a lawn tractor will serve you just fine.

If you have a couple of mowers in mind or you’re just not sure what’s best for your lawn, feel free to get in touch to arrange a demonstration. We’ll come to you and let you see which mower is best for you

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