BOB-CAT zero turn mowers – which one should I get?

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With over 40 years’ experience, BOB-CAT is a trusted name when it comes to zero turn mowers. Known for their durable parts, operator comfort and warranties that can last a lifetime, it’s no surprise that they’re one of our most popular brands. Their design makes them easy to perform low-level maintenance jobs at home, and as they’re available in a range of models that cater to the home gardener and the commercial professional, there’s a BOB-CAT designed just for your lawn.

Firstly - start by watching our video guide on choosing the right BOB-CAT:


The CRZ is BOB-CAT’s entry level mower, designed for the avid homeowner looking to keep their pristine lifestyle block looking its best. Available in three deck sizes ranging from 42”-52”, there are options depending on the size of your lawn and budget and they’re all guaranteed by 5 year warranties. Unlike some mowers aimed at residential owners, the CRZ is constructed with commercial-grade components to ensure its longevity, and due to the adjustable front deck lip they do a great job at cutting long and wet grass – an essential when it comes to New Zealand’s conditions.

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Stepping up to the middle of the range, the XRZ model is designed for larger lifestyle blocks and light commercial use. Available with a 48” or 52” deck, you also have the choice of either 21.5 or 23 horsepower Kawasaki engines to make larger jobs that much faster. With larger tyres than the CRZ they’re a slightly smoother ride too. And by buying a XRZ model, your warranty will last for six years instead of five, so for the extra cost you do get your money’s worth.


With the XRZ Pro you’re going up to a fully commercial mower that has both commercial transaxle drives and a commercial grade Kawasaki engine. Lifestyle block owners love the speed and durability that the XRZ Pro offers, as well as the faster speed and deck sizes of 52” and 61”. If you’re a commercial operator / mowing contractor, you’ll like the fact that you get an additional 400hrs warranty on this unit.


The RS version of the XRZ Pro is built on the same chassis – but that’s about where it ends. This mower comes standard with a ROPs frame for safety, a fully adjustable suspension seat, dual fuel tanks, chain hung deck and more. This mower is ideal for the mowing contractor wanting to get a huge amount of mower for an affordable amount of money. This unit won best new mower of the year 2018 – so it’s worth checking out!

BOB-CAT Predator Pro RS

BOB-CAT’s finest offering aimed at the true professional is the Pro RS, a top of the line zero turn mower. Fitted with either a 61” or 72” deck and a whopping 35hp engine you’ll have no trouble taking on the largest of jobs in the least amount of time. And with its ISO-Ride suspension seat, adjustable armrests and 24” wheels you might not want to stop. Like the XRZ model, the Predator Pro RS comes with a 6 year warranty, and it’s rounded front wheels make this impressive piece of equipment easier to control and maintain.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to drive a zero turn mower, unsure which is best for your property or you’d just like to see one in action, get in touch to arrange a demonstration at yours.

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