Leading Innovation

Ryan proudly leads the pack in lawn care machinery, with clever innovations like the EST Easy Steer Technology, and a wide range of attachments to make your RYAN tool more versatile whether you're on a golf course or sports field.

Extreme Durability

Made in the USA, Ryan equipment is constructed using only the most durable materials for consistent, reliable performance and minimal downtime.

New Zealand Proven

Ryan has a long service history in New Zealand. In 2017, OMC Power Equipment took over the NZ distribution, providing excellent sales, service and backup to a wide range of customers throughout the country.

Your Lawn is Dying for Aeration!

Grow your Business with RYAN

Ryan Turf Renovation

OMC Power Equipment stocks a wide range of RYAN Turf renovation gear including sod cutters, aerators, overseeders and power rakes. 

Customers who recognize quality, performance and value have made Ryan the leader in turf and lawn renovation equipment. We offer a full line of sod cutters, aerators, dethatchers, overseeders and other specialty products for the landscape professional, homeowner, and rental market.