Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers


As the name Zero Turn suggests, these mowers can turn around within their own length, making them exceptionally maneuverable around trees and other obstacles on your lawn. They'll trim better and reach tight spots much easier than a standard mower.


Get your lawns mowed much quicker than a tractor-style mower. Not only do zero turn mowers have ground speeds of up to a whopping 18 km/h, they'll trim and turn quicker as well - meaning you have more time to relax on your property. Or if you're a contractor - get more lawns mowed each day you're on the job!


All of our Zero Turn mowers have fully fabricated decks - not pressed steel - so you get a longer service life out of your investment.

Zero Turn Mowers

With Zero Turn Mowers for residential, lifestyle block or commercial use available in both catching and non-catching or mulching, there's a huge variety to choose from. Download our Zero Turn Mower Guide to help determine what you need, and don't hesitate to ask for a free demonstration at your property - NZ Wide!