Sincro PTO Generator - 110kVA

“THE BEAST" - Gruntiest in NZ. 110 Kva, Custom made model - Slow speed unit for better fuel efficiency

Product details

This Sincro model is a slow speed unit for better fuel efficiency runs @ +/- 395 rpm.

Mains quality power to your property within minutes – On Guard 24/7 All Year – Every year!
  • Fitted with MEN Link conversion kit to suit modern shed since 2005
  • European Quality - made in Italy
  • 110kVA
  • Complete with 4 Mtr x 3 Phase 125 amp Hard Wired Cable and 125 amp Cord Connector
  • 1 x 15 amp Outlet with RCBO with Standard NZ 2 splash proof outlet
  • Digital meter & AVR
  • Custom NZ Made Galvanised 3 point linkage frame
  • No Diesel Fuel storage or flat batteries

This unit has all NZ compliant wiring, Issued with a NZ Electrical Standard Code of Compliance Certificate, NZ available components and switch gear. This ensures not only excellent quality, but a safe, reliable package that parts can be sourced for rapidly.

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