Dunlite Tractor Pack PTO Generator - 100kVA

Product details

This is an excellent 100kVA standard speed unit for runs @ +/- 465 rpm.

  • Complete with fitted Meter and 3 Mtr mains cable
  • Mounted into galvinsed 3 Point Linkage frame
  • 1 x 2 Outlet switched splash proof 1 phase connection
  • Circuit Breakers for all plugs and main sockets
  • Fitted Digital output meter
  • Sturdy Hinged Breaker cabinet fitted

Even if you do not have the Tractor sizing now you are future proofing as these PTO Generator sets only require the horsepower to drive directly in relation to the size of current draw the shed demands. It does not require more horsepower to drive if there is spare capacity.

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