Bobman PRO Implement carrier

Versatile, strong and reliable

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Product details

  • Maneuverable, compact & efficient
  • Available in various models and can be provided with various implements for use in stables or for cleaning pavements and squares.
  • Stepless, hydraulic propulsion. To ensure maximum reliability, all implements are driven hydraulically.
  • Can be used in stables with robotic system.
  • Switching the tools takes a few minutes!
  • Requires minimum of space - a turning radius is only 1 m!
  • Available with one- or three wheel drive.
  • Diesel engine with electric start.


  • A feeding table for 200 cows will take less than 3 minutes!
  • BOBMAN PRO with Feedturner blends, mixes together and pushes the feed back to the cows quickly and efficiently.
  • The work is done from the operator's seat and in one run.
  • The standard length of the Feedturner is 110 cm, but can be changed at your request.
  • The Feedturner is mounted on the BOBMAN PRO in just a few seconds.

Brush, Scraper and Disinfection Box

  • Scrapes, sweeps and spreads the disinfection powder in the stalls in a timely manner.
  • BOBMAN PRO mounted with scraper, brush and the mini-spreader for disinfection.
  • Standard width for scraper is 110 cm, but can be changed at your request.

Double Brush

  • The double sweep is front-mounted and has a small turning radius. Flexible and directional sweeping.
  • You can sweep to the side, to the right, towards the middle and away from the middle.
  • Sweeping direction is changed from the operator’s seat.

Milk Container

  • 600 L container with electric pump and hydraulic agitator

Sweep Up

  • Sweeps anything from snow to stones. Low weight makes it suitable for any conditions, particularly where you want to remove unwanted material in one run.
  • The speed is 9 km/h and the working width is 110 cm, leading to a cleaned area of up to 9900 m² per hour.
  • Furthermore, we can deliver an Ø 300 mm side brush which will sweep the dirt from wall/kerb to the area in front of the pick-up box.
  • The capacity of the pick-up box is 30 l or 20 kg.

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