Yanmar YDG5500

The New YDG from Yanmar For Power and Economy

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The New YDG from Yanmar For Power and Economy

If you are looking for a silent, compact, power source, with minimum fluctuations, the YDG is waiting for you. Durability and long operation are designed in. Mobility approaches that of a gasoline generator. And the direct injection air-cooled diesel, the amongst smallest in the world, offer very good fuel savings. The power is high. The cost is low. Specifications and accessories are available for most markets. Listen carefully, or you might not even notice they're at work.

  • Revolving field type 2 pole generator
  • 50 hz
  • Max. 4.6 kVA
  • Cont. 4.2 kVA
  • Single phase
  • Engine: L100N5/6(E)Y
  • Weight: 95kg (Recoil) 108kg (Electric)

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