SRV 300 Vibratory Tamper

$4,995.00 incl GST

Extremely Lightweight 32kg tamper for doing edges and tight drainage systems. can be used horizontally or vertically because of their low weight.

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Product details

This new, extremely lightweight vibrating tamper SRV 300 is a particularly good choice for compacting so-called pipe ties in ditches (packing cables or pipes).

The SRV 300 is also suitable for compacting of the edges of pathways or for installing drainage systems.

Also, being only 32 kg, they can be used horizontally or vertically!

Product information:
  • Operating weight: 32 kg
  • Power output, max.: 1 kW (1.4 HP)
  • Engine: Honda 4-stroke gasoline (GX 35)

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